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Hey dere! :D It's Davis here AKA Mr. Awesome. Freshman at UC San Diego... I hope i don't become one of the other ones (UC Socially Dead). Oh who am I kidding? I was ALWAYS socially dead haha. hah.... ha...
Just remember, there's three "L's" you always need in li: live, laugh, and LUNCH. I'll be sitting there on my throne in Hell waiting for you :D
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Watch Closely (Stronger than you think)

(Source: deusabinitio)

Wear the bruises on my skin like armor;
battle scars to shine in the light like swelling
dabs of plum paint i smudged on the empty
canvas of my body; I am not small, not fragile—
I am human, and you will hear me roar

The Rocking Chair (Still Occupied)

On our porch sits a lonely rocking chair,
gently bobbing back and forth
to the ever so delicate breeze.
I walk over to the chair and
close my eyes to feel the wind
fly through my finger tips
as I spread my arms into the sky.
You would have loved this breeze,

"You Are Loved" (Self Help for the Broken)

(Source: deusabinitio)

I wrote a message on the mirror
of my apartment’s restroom, pressed
my lips to the glass, my forehead
to the letters, closed my eyes
and watched them shatter to the ground

Nothing Is Destroyed

Destruction: the ultimate form of creation,
the creation of emptiness for new opportunities to fulfill and yet again reach a similar fate,
Recycling this delicate equilibrium.

I Am Whatever You Want Me To Be, Minus the Certainty 

A stray thought caught in the void between
hope and despair.
Certainly possible
but quite possibly impossible.
Please, do doubt.
I insist.


me and my friends asked to act casual for a picture


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this is my favourite vine ever and I will never get tired of it

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