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Hey dere! :D It's Davis here AKA Mr. Awesome. Freshman at UC San Diego... I hope i don't become one of the other ones (UC Socially Dead). Oh who am I kidding? I was ALWAYS socially dead haha. hah.... ha...
Just remember, there's three "L's" you always need in li: live, laugh, and LUNCH. I'll be sitting there on my throne in Hell waiting for you :D
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Now that’s what I call justice 


sums up the stupidity of the tumblr community 

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A Whole new World 

To Do List (Don’t Add to the List)

1. don’t forget glasses!
2. buy textbooks
3. pack supplies into backpack

1. wear new sweater

1. wear a less stupid sweater

1. get groceries
2. buy color pencils
3. get new pair of glasses

1. read
2. get band aids
3. get ice

1. stay home
2. read more

1. read

1. give games to cousin
2. read

1. get tape for glasses

1. buy rope

1. buy note paper


”are they ignoring me or did their message just fail to send” - a novel by me 

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The Conqueror

Born into a world full of opportunity,

and equally of devastation, I shed tears

for the delicate equilibrium of the two.


More desolation.

More destruction.

Enduring is all that can be done,

they say.

The ultimate fate of disparition,

I spit at the notion.

This cannot happen.

I refuse to submit without a fight.

Surely I can learn from the fallen

what had bested them and avoid the similar fate.

I must



The battle is strenuous and agonizing,

but I hold dear to me what has led me

through the coldest of days,

an undying will and a grasp of hope,

an ever so weakening grasp of hope.



Could I be


I don’t believe I can withstand further

as the winter snow fallen upon my head

can no longer be distinguished from my hair.

I cannot help but smile as I attempt to

muster the last remaining residue of undying will

which once had driven me to embark on such an

eternal trial of time and nature.

I was.


Remember when Dilemmas were truly difficult?

A small block of yellow,
plastic substance.
Pretty sure it’s either gum or taffy,
but between the two, I have no clue.
Taffy gets plastered all over the inner crevices
of the mouth I didn’t even know existed,
so chewing on that for long wouldn’t be too fun.
But on the other hand,
If swallowed and it indeed was gum, then surely
it would take seven years to digest!
Oh well, only one way to find out.

Reblog if you want an ‘if I was your boyfriend/girlfriend/datefriend I would’ in your inbox, anon or not.

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evilbarney asked: Maritza? Oh you need to watch out for her. She may look harmless, short with glasses and those glorious curly locks, but she sure can pack a punch, ESPECIALLY with that biting sarcasm and snarky sass. But don't worry, that's only the first impression; it's different when you get to know her a bit better; she becomes even MORE sassy and sarcastic! She will never hesitate to flail at geeky comics, shows, or movies. (WARNING: I HOPE FOR YOUR OWN SAKE THAT YOU LIKE IRON MAN).


If there’s ever a reference, you can place your bets on her that she’ll be there to chuckle, point at you and say “I UNDERSTOOD THAT REFERENCE” … well, because she’s a complete friggen dork like that. Also, if there’s ever a random fact, argument, law of the universe, missed history lesson, math problem, or a debate, YUP, she’s there. Don’t even worry about it, she got this… well, because she’s a complete friggen nerd like that. But that’s exactly why I tell you to watch out [b]ecause you will come to love that sassyness. That geekiness. And you betcha that nerdiness too. And you won’t be able to stop. SO DUN DO EET. IT’S A TRAAAAAAAP!!! Oh yeah, she’s totally a chibi in real life by the way.


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